Global Competencies

A new generation of students requires different skills from the generations that came before. The world is changing fast. Boundaries—literal as well as figurative— are shifting and even disappearing altogether. The culture that once lived halfway around the world now lives just down the block. The ability to thrive in this new and rapidly changing environment is grounded in a globally focused curriculum. Continue reading Global Competencies

Teaching a perishable skill?

With the familiar structures, support and surroundings taken away, and the online environment used as a substitute, many thousands of educators were asked to ‘shift their practice’ into completely uncharted territory. The unplanned and rapid move to online learning – with no training, insufficient bandwidth, and little preparation – created the perfect storm in terms of challenges to the way we operate normally and the toolsets and experience we had to call on. Continue reading Teaching a perishable skill?

Educating beyond the classroom

As we are about to venture into level 2 of the COVID-19 response, and with schools and many of these community spaces opening up again, perhaps in our re-imaging we can include those in the GLAM sector in our thinking, and consider how we might make something like a portal that provides a single point of access to these virtual worlds and tours etc a reality that we can include in our curriculum approaches moving forward? Continue reading Educating beyond the classroom

Rising to the challenge

This post is really a tribute to the thousands of teachers who have simply stood up during the COVID-19 school lockdown period and done what great teachers so often do – innovate to find solutions to the challenges they face. As we have embarked on working with our learners remotely we are hearing a lot about the difficulties being faced by students and their families, and the ways in which schools, the state and their school districts are working to find ways of supporting them – but spare a thought for the teachers too! Like their students these educators are … Continue reading Rising to the challenge

Beliefs and assumptions

As teachers in NZ this week begin connecting with their students remotely the biggest challenge for many will be confronting the assumptions that implicitly shape and inform what they do as teachers. Among the many great stories of the preparatory work being done by educators around the country ahead of this week’s activity, I’ve also heard concerns that reflect the uncertainty in some people’s minds about the perceived limitations of working remotely in this way – which there undoubtedly are – but not always in the ways we might imagine. In a regular, face-to-face classroom situation there is so much … Continue reading Beliefs and assumptions