Virtual learning in NZ schools

“New Zealand’s future becomes more and more a race between education and economic stagnation and social dislocation… The need to build a learning culture is seen as critical to our success as a nation – the question is, how to do this within the resources available and in a way appropriate to New Zealand’s own cultural values.” – (Consultel report Exec Summary, page 8) Education has long been one of the ‘big three’ in terms of government spend, regarded as an investment in the future of our society, emphasising sustainable growth and economic prosperity,  as well as providing citizens with … Continue reading Virtual learning in NZ schools

Preparing students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

There is an urgent need to update education systems to equip children with the skills to navigate the future of work and the future of societies. The Education 4.0 framework provides a vision for how school systems can be updated to deliver on children’s future needs. This transformation calls for shifts in learning content to include both the technical and human-centric skills needed to build growing and inclusive economies and societies and shifts in learning experiences that more closely mirror the future of work. World Economic Forum Earlier this year the World Economic Forum published a new report titled Schools of … Continue reading Preparing students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution