I am sitting at the L@S conference in Rotorua this afternoon talking with some teachers about Blogging. Lots of interest in this and many other aspects of the use of social software. Many links to these products are included in my protopage (link on the sidebar of my blog).

3 thoughts on “Learning@School

  1. Hi Derek,
    I’m the TV3 journalist doing the story on the new trend towards gaming technology in schools.
    I hope the conference went well today – thanks for your time and input!
    Please do keep me posted on any other events that you have coming up – especially in Christchurch, where I understand you are based, as am I.
    The story will be run tonight on the 6 o’clock news if you get a chance to catch it…

  2. Hey Derek,

    Me and Lola are here at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia and are on the net! Hope L@S is going awesomely, see ya when I get back to NZ!!


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