Low Cost IWB

Now here’s a bit of ingenuity for you – a low-cost interactive whiteboard that consists of a Wii remote and a couple of LED pens. It’s the work of Johnny Chung Lee at the Human-Computer interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University who provides a very succinct overview of how it works in this YouTube video – including using both projected images and the LCD screen. He’s even developed the software to cater for the use of two pens to allow for two-touch manipulation of the image. The software is available on his website to download. I love it when people come up with this sort of lateral thinking (thanks to Sharon Peters for her twitter message about this!)

2 thoughts on “Low Cost IWB

  1. That is just so cool. I would love give it a try. But I have zero budget!

    Just bought myself Parallels- school will probably buy copies at some stage but I won’t be reimbursed- ever. Everyone got bought Flash Drives but me- because I had already bought myself one 😦


  2. Hey thanks for the tip Derek. That looks cool. I’ve got one of these http://www.touchboards.com/eiki/EikiLC-XIP2000.asp

    in my room but it is a bit temperamental. I couldn’t get it to work properly and it sat in it’s box for nearly a term. We have just shifted rooms and one of the children set it up in the new class and it seems to be working fine!!! There’s a lesson for me. I should know by now to just get out of the way and let them get on with it 🙂


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