Minister to speak at ULearn

Today is the opening of the ULearn conference in Christchurch, and Education Minister Anne Tolley will be present to give and opening address. Looks like we’re in for some good news if this morning’s NZ Herald article is anything to go by 🙂

Education Minister Anne Tolley is to give a speech this morning opening the ULearn conference in Christchurch, which has attracted about 2000 delegates and 400 national and international speakers to discuss teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Mrs Tolley will call for the education system to “fully commit to the digital age”, and will reinforce the Government’s commitment to high-speed internet access for all New Zealanders.

She will also announce a case is being prepared for a computer network which would potentially incorporate every school in the country, allowing schools to share information at high speed and access interactive tools such as high-definition video conferencing.

3 thoughts on “Minister to speak at ULearn

  1. G’day Mate,

    for those of us out of town in the bush, how about a quick precis of Anne Tolley’s speech. It is now 1230!! I know you are busy




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