Paddling together

Visiting schools in NW Arkansas this week has been an enlightening experience. The focus of the visits has been on observing the changes in approach that have been made in each school as a result of the tour that the principals and some teachers made of NZ schools towards the end of 2017. It has been exciting to see the things that have been worked on, inspired by what was observed and discussed in NZ, but interpreted to meet the local context and conditions. During the week I have observed some excellent examples of personalised learning, learner agency, teacher collective … Continue reading Paddling together

Is there a space beyond fluency?

I recently attended a meeting of thought leaders to explore some thinking around building professional capability in areas of the curriculum. One of the topics raised was the use of the term ‘fluency’ to refer to someone who is able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge in a particular area to a high level, working with independence, showing respect for others in the process and so on. The analogy was made with music – how in the early stages a person must work hard to acquire the basic skills and knowledge to play a particular instrument, and when they do, … Continue reading Is there a space beyond fluency?

Towards our intelligent future

The New Zealand AI forum has just released its new 2019 research report, Towards Our Intelligent Future – An AI Roadmap for New Zealand. This report is the output of the AI Forum’s 2019 research programme and represents over nine months of collaborative work on parallel streams exploring AI adoption, policy and strategy in New Zealand and around the world. The research clearly highlights the value of AI for achieving New Zealand’s wellbeing, sustainability and economic goals. It also identifies specific opportunities in health, conservation and road safety as clear candidates for national AI investment, among many.   The AI forum has come … Continue reading Towards our intelligent future

Being a ‘moral’ leader

This week I was reading the poem often attributed to Charlie Chaplin titled “As I began to love myself“. Apparently the poem was actually a translation of text from the book “When I Loved Myself Enough” by Kim & Alison McMillen, and was read by Charlie Chaplin at his 70th birthday. It is an interesting choice for Chaplin to read as he turned 70, particularly given the turmoil in his personal life to that point. The opening line in each verse is not a reference to love in the sense of a belief that you are better than others or … Continue reading Being a ‘moral’ leader

PLD – who is it for?

The image below was found posted on the notice board in a secondary school staffroom this week. At a time when teacher workload has been a key feature of recent salary negotiations and teacher strike action the messaging here might appear to be related. It prompted a thought in my mind however about the need for us to be constantly thinking about the purpose of PLD in schools. Sure, for individual teachers the requirement to participate in an after school session may seem yet one more thing to fit into an already busy schedule – particularly if not related immediately … Continue reading PLD – who is it for?